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We live in Poland in Pomerania. Near Gdańsk. Our first breeding dogs were brought from Australia. They come from working lines and from stations.


Koolie is very versatile, it works well in many canine sports and work.

Agility, nose work (searching for truffles, drugs, explosives, searching for missing people in rubble and under an avalanche) Sports obedience, frisbee, flyball, canicross, bikejorking, dock diving ...

A very good companion for active people.

They have a great temperament and are good family dogs. Happy, active and very loyal.

I breed stable dogs that are always ready to go. I pay attention to the construction.

My dogs are light and lean. I choose sports figures.

I have a small farm where I have goats, sheep and chickens. My koolies work on our farm every day.

We train agility and obedience and frisbee. Koolie is quite strong mentally, but not very hard and stubborn. Moderately active but enjoys mental activities. Very prone to training. If you meet his needs, he will rest very quietly in the house. Our dogs are tested for DNA, hip and elbow x-rays. All our dogs are in great condition and free from genetic diseases. Our kennel is registered with the Koolie Club of Australia. This organization registers our dogs, documents their origin, keeps litter books and issues pedigrees. Koolie is not recognized by the FCI.

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