I live in Poland, in Pomerania. Near Gdansk. We currently have 10 koolies. Our dogs were imported from Australia. They come from working lines. They are shepherd and sports dogs. Koolie is very versatile, works in agility, nose, obedience. They work as rescue and therapeutic dogs. A very good companion of active people. They have a great temperament and are good family dogs. Happy, active and very loyal. I breed stable dogs that are always ready to work. I pay attention to the structure. My dogs are light and slim. I choose sport silhouettes. I have a small farm, where I have goats, sheep and chickens. My co-workers work on our farm every day. We train agility and obedience and a little frisbee. Koolie is quite strong mentally, moderately active, very susceptible to training. If you satisfy his needs, the house will be very quiet. Our dogs are tested on DNA, X-ray  hips and elbows. Our kennel is registered in Koolie Club of Australia and German Coolie World Register. These organizations register our dogs, keep books litters  and issue pedigrees. Koolie is not recognized by FCI.