Herding dog, active
The breed comes from Australia.

Koolie is very talented, works in many fields. Herding sheep, goast, cattle and even reindeers.
Agility, tracking, frisbee, obedience, rescue, therapy, explosives detection.
Key features of Koolie
Strong herding instinct - strong mind, courage to turn herd, watchful eye,
Temperament - tempered, not nervous, not aggressive, brave, alert, intelligent
Fast, agile, smooth-to-gallop ride
Robust - it works in all weather conditions and on different terrains
Quietly working
Perfect ON OFF
Healthy and long-lived
Koolie not recognized by FCI
There is no exact pattern of breed. Different Koolies styles satisfy different needs
The main goal of the breeders is to shape the personality, temperament and desire to work

Our dogs are registered in the Germann Coolie Word Registry and in the Koolie Club of Australia

Koolies comes from Australia and there is the biggest breeding but they are slowly starting to spread ... They are kennel in Canada, the United States, Finland, Germany and in Poland

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